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Loss Control Services can be your “Complete Source for Loss Control.” We provide a comprehensive array of services that can be tailored to meet your needs. We offer services in the three basic business segments:

Small Market – Property, liability (including products) and worker’s compensation surveys for small accounts including habitational, mercantile, restaurants, light manufacturing, warehouses, builder’s risks, vacant buildings, etc. Manufacturers and Contractors (M&C) telephone surveys can also be provided. All surveys are conducted on a flat fee and/or an hourly basis, depending on the size and/or complexity of the risk.

Middle Market – Property, liability (including products) and worker’s compensation surveys for mid-sized accounts including shopping centers, manufacturing, warehouses, offices, apartment & condominium complexes, etc. All surveys are conducted on an hourly basis.

Large Market – Property and liability (including products) surveys for large accounts including manufacturing, warehouses, healthcare, high rise office buildings, etc. Highly Protected Risks (HPR) are our specialty. All surveys are conducted on an hourly basis.

Telephone Surveys – Our telephone survey is designed to assist underwriters in determining the risk factor of those that they insure. Our objective is to screen out business with high hazard activities or activities that do not fit the profile of the business you wish to write. Our typical telephone survey will provide information on Underwriting Data (to validate application information); Description of Operations; Exposures and Controls; Loss Review; and Recommendations (when necessary)

Completed inspection reports can be provided utilizing your electronic forms or ours. Loss Control Services has developed a unique report format that includes a one page “Snap Shot” of the risk as well as a narrative description of the common and special hazards, a recommendations section, photo pages and a diagram if necessary. Completed reports can be uploaded to your system, emailed or sent hard copy via the US Mail.


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“The Complete Source For Loss Control”